Wednesday, January 27, 2010

S10 E21 "The Devil and Dr. Phil"

Dr Phil mentions that he has had a new agent for a year now:
Dr Phil: Speak of the devil - here she comes.
[Bebe Glazer joins Dr Phil !!]

Dr. Phil is in this episode.

I kinda don't want to do this review. It's very hard to admit when something you've been dreaming about for so long (well, since I saw the ad for it a couple days ago) is actually a bit of a let down. But, I watched the episode, and watched a more boring episode the day before, and if i don't write something about it, then I'm just a white male who spends his evenings watching reruns of Frasier by himself...fuck.

But this ep is not just a bit of a let down, it's an enormous let down, a catastrophic let down. It is just absolutely mind boggling to me that the machine that creates Frasier could fuck up such an ingenious premise. To be fair, it isn't all the Frasier-bot's fault. Dr. Phil is a terrible person, err actor I mean, and he makes the few moments in which he appears even worse than most Frasier scenes.

But it is mostly the machine's fault. Frasier is a pompous windbag, Dr. Phil is too, just program fake therapist vs. fake therapist conflicts one over another, forget any sub plots or anything else and let these two fake morons go at it. It is so easy.

Instead we get very little Fras- and Phil action, and a lot of Frasier and his former devil-agent Bebe going at it in some horribly disgusting flirtatious back and forth. The woman who plays Frasier's ex-agent is absolutely terrible to look at, so terrible that the show doesn't even try to pretend she's a "beautiful woman" and if the Frasier machine won't call you beautiful you must be a real hose-hound.

So of course Frasier keeps almost having sex with her. And its gross. And the dad works nights now and he is old and tired and unbelievably confused, and Niles and Daphne keep spying on an old couple that is having an affair and Frasier thinks Dr. Phil owes him $200, but he doesn't, its just that Frasier doesn't understand poker, because he's an elitist or something.

There, thats the plot. Does that sound like too much to cram into 22 minutes while still leaving room for some tough talk from the DOCTOR. Well, it is. and so we get nothing worthwhile from the texan at all and it totally fucking sucks.

There are no Roz is a slut/lush jokes in this episode, instead Roz is given a story line where she loves Phil, which doesn't fit with her character at all since the DOCTOR is a total moralistic phony and Roz is a down to earth chick who is a drunken whore.


Also, I watched a Dr. Phil once where a 40-year old woman said of a 13-year-old boy: "he come on to me, okay?"

And according to the DOCTOR's website "Dr. Phil has galvanized millions of people to 'get real.'"

ummm ok.