Monday, October 25, 2010

S1 E7 "Call me Irresponsible"

Frasier: This is killing me! You think I don't want to pick you up right now, carry you over to that Eames classic and show you why it's the best-engineered chair in the world?!


I watched this one on the Megabus as I headed home for depressing reasons, so I am grateful it wasn’t quite as dreary and sad as the first few episodes of Season One. “Call me Irresponsible” starts with a call from Bruno Kirby, (initially I thought he was Joe Pesci) who is debating whether he should break up with his commitment-hungry long-term girlfriend. Kirby explains that he doesn’t want to commit for fear that someone better will come along. The good doctor counsels Bruno to break up with her for both of their sakes, and, like anyone who is having a difficult time making a decision, Kirby immediately does as he’s told.

Sometime later Kirby’s dumpee shows up to the station to confront Frasier about him causing the end of her relationship, and she promptly delivers the classic line: “oh you radio psychiatrists!” Then she accuses Frasier of giving this advice as an attempt to chase ratings. I love this, as if there are so many radio shrinks and they’re all the same, always chasing those numbers! …Good one Frasier-bot.

For some reason Frasier buys her peanut eminems (correct spelling) and they talk about relationships. Boy is it unique too! She complains about repetitive small talk on first dates, then he complains about having to pay for dinner, then she eats an eminem of his hand in a seductive (?) way and their whirlwind romance begins.

I’m not going to describe the sexy peanut eminem consumption because I want you to imagine it for yourself, either try to figure out how a person could possibly inhale a piece of candy from Kelsey Grammer’s hand in a sexy way, or imagine K-Gramms presenting Marshall’s Slim Shady for a woman to eat. Either way it’s a gross image. Product Placement!

The Scot and the dad and Eddie are only in this thing for 2 minutes, and it’s even more proof of my Frasier is written by a machine theory. The “subplot,” if you can call it that, is one scene in which Daf sets up a Christmas card photo shoot on October 21. The show of course recognizes that this is odd, and mines all the comedy gold it possibly can from the situation, but what Frasier bot fails to explain is why this is happening. It makes absolutely no sense and is obviously thrown into the middle of the episode just to put the dad in a silly hat and have Eddie wear antlers. I think it shows a surprising lack of patience from the computer that it couldn’t just wait another two months to get both of these things and more. If you’re going to do this Niles should have been dressed in an elf costume in a desperate attempt to win Daphne’s heart. I can’t do your job, 17 years after the fact, for you Frasier machine!

This is the picture they ended up using for the card. I'll let you decide if the Dad is Rob Thomas or Usher. It's obvious Beibs is Eddie.

Back to the plot, this is a Frasier learns a lesson while embarrassing himself in front of a beautiful woman ep. As a setup Niles informs us that Frasier throws up when he faces a breach of ethics. So just as he’s about to show the eminem slurper why the Eames Lounge is the best engineered chair in the world (his words) Frasier starts making a ridiculous gagging sound. Thank goodness the show didn’t stick to this contrivance because the plot of literally every Frasier episode to follow is about radio-doc breaching his ethics. Think about how much vomit would be underneath the beds and in the closets of Frasier’s world if they had kept this tic. The show ends with a shirtless Fras breaking up with Bruno’s babe because she makes him want to throw up. Frasier is harrier than Robin Williams’ hands.

7.7/10 Points for this beautiful woman being legitimately beautiful, the disembodied voice of Bruno Kirby does not fuck around with ugly chicks.

P.S. I watched about a third of an episode last week after coming home gin-drunk. Gin is the getting busy drink and I got basic cable busy. Anyway I don’t remember enough to write a review proper, but I would like to share with you the notes I took that night (something I never do), which were nearly illegible.

-Reading parade banter on the couch.
-Hillbilly buffet.
-Frasier hates black lady.
-Malcolm in the middle mom.
-“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than denial” True?
-Color contacts
-[illegible] cowboy hat
-Managua Nicaragua riff – amazing
-rival radio psychiatrist
-punches santa
-McNulty’s wife?

Fuck it I should just write a review based on the notes.